Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Paper Filigree

It has been a long time since I have done any Quilling, but since it is making such a lively comeback, I have pulled out the paper strips, and started twirling again!
Here is the first card that I did.... so much fun, and pretty enough to give my nephew and his new bride!

Here is a second card featuring a couple of different shapes, and some aditional colors. 

This week's UStream Class will be all about Quilling or Paper Filigree.  Learn the basics, and, as always, I will have some tips and tricks to share with you.
I hope to see you on my UStream Channel at 8:00 Eastern Time Tuesday evening.  Just click on the blue icon in the upper right corner of my blog and it will take you to the channel.  You will also find recorded classes from previous weeks there, too.  
I am on vacation with great kids like this one, and will be enjoying their Scout Court of Honor tomorrow just before class.  (If I'm a minute late, don't give up on me... I'm coming!)
I hope you are enjoying your summer, too.
Happy crafting ~


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