Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy Birthday and Lettering tutorials

Since it is after midnight, it is officially my beautiful daughter's birthday, so I can take this opportunity to wish her a wonderful and happy birthday full of delight and surprises!  I made this card for her which is just her style!  The package should arrive this morning, with something really yummy in it!

Tonight's class on UStream was all about different kinds of lettering, from basic handwriting to calligraphy, and what types of instruments to use. Here are some of the samples we created:
This is a hand done monogram "B" with sketched shadows.
 I want to give a big thanks to Shoo-Rayner for his great You-Tube videos for inspiring the next two designs.  This guy is a great instructor. 

Wouldn't this cheerful block letter design make anyone feel better?!

 Cheerful colors, and adding dots create lots of action in your message. 
 Bubble lettering, with highlights and shadows.  This was colored with watercolor pencils.
 Freestyle, colorful, and plenty of action!
Practice adding swirls and serifs to your handwriting, as well as seasonal images,
and you will be able to create your own holiday cards.
Practice, practice, practice, and you will be a pro in no time!

I invite you to check out the recorded UStream class if you want to see how we did all of these, and other things. 

Happy crafting ~


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SuperHappyScrapper said...

I missed your live class but just got to watch the recording. Hopefully I can attempt to make a word look like a work instead of a bunch of squiggly lines now. Thanks!