Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentine Banner from Cricut Class

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Before I start the tutorial on the Valentine banner, I wanted to share this card I created for a very special cause.  As you may remember, I had requested any cards, etc. for others for my birthday blog candy, and mentioned Madison's I Feel The Love project. 
This is the card I created for the parents of little Olivia Cappelluti. 
You have one more week to join in the drawing for the Birthday Cake Cricut Cartridge!  Just Reach Out and make a card for someone else.  Then post it here, or send it to my email, and I'll post it for you.
OK .... on to our Valentine Banner Project :) 
For Valentine's Day, what is more fun than an "I Love You banner".... and what better place to hang it than on your headboard?!
This project was featured as a hands on project in my "Cricut 202, What Does This Button Do?" class on UStream.  Just click on the icon in the upper right corner of the blog, and you can see the recorded class there.  If you are in my area, and would like to take a class in person, send me an email!
Use the SET PAPER SIZE Button to let Cricut know you have an 8 .5 x 11 inch paper on the mat.  Set the AUTO FILL button to get (9) 2.5 inch hearts. 
Our next exercise was to set the QUANTITY Button for 45 1.5 inch hearts.  This 12 x 12 inch paper gave us 42 hearts, and told us that when we insert the next mat it would cut the remaining 3.
Next we cut tags using the simple method of hitting the tag key seven times (we needed eight, but had one from another cut).
We also cut eight tags using the SHADOW feature.  Then the letters I LOVE YOU, also cut in red.  (Sorry I forgot to take the individual photos, but you can see them in the finished project photo).
Ink the edges of the hearts.
Score and fold all of the 1.5 inch hearts, and take five for each fan fold layered heart.
Place glue on one side of the heart and layer another heart on top. 
They will fan out to make an accordian or honeycomb type of center.
Keep layering until you have all five stacked into a fanned out heart. (It will be attached to the project below with hot glue.)
Using a glue dot, adhere the large heart behind your long banner ribbon.  Then layer your 1.5 inch fanned out heart on top.
Use a pretty good amount of hot glue to secure the fanned out heart to the ribbon and big heart.
Add a gem below the fanned hearts, then tie the tags between the hearts to complete your project.
Have fun, and enjoy using all of the creative features of your Cricut!!

If you have questions, please leave a comment on my blog, or send me an email.

Happy creatinng~



Jennifer said...

Hi Betty,

I love, love, LOVE your cute banner!!! :) How many inches of ribbon did you leave between the hearts (how did you space them for the size you cut)? I am hoping to make one!

Thanks so much,

partridgelu at yahoo dot com

BettyBee said...

I left about two inches of ribbon between the hearts. All of the hearts were in postition before I tied on the tags. The bows were tied on the ends separately. I didn't measure the ribbon to begin with... I just used it right from the spool, and cut it when I was finished getting the hearts in posistion. I'm so happy you like the project!

Gloria Westerman said...

This is so adorable....I think I will try to make these hearts on a card...they would look so pretty....thank you so much for sharing.....