Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cricut Circle Swarm - Salt Lake City - Oct. 2010

Another amazing adventure of two great friends ...

Cricut, Kristi, Cuttlebug, and BettyBee!
I'm sure you've been hearing about the Cricut Circle, and their first ever Cricut Circle Swarm, held last weekend in SLC. On a rather surprising impulse, Kristi and I decided to make the trek west, and join in the fun!

There were lots of great folks there! These are buddies from Chicago!

An amazing young woman, who inspired many of us that day! My new friend, Jen Kent, is a breast cancer patient, who walked three miles in a BC Walk that morning, and then came to the Swarm to be with us in the afternoon. This is one awesome lady!!

It's also terrific to meet up with old friends and blogging buddies like Cindy Royal and Shantaie Fowler. You know these ladies from Design Teams that I have been on, as well as their awesome work on the Cricut Circle Magazine and blog. Cindy is holding my version of her Bazzill make and take for the swarm!

Here is Mike W. the VP of Provo Craft stopping by for a chat, and a hug from Jinger Adams, the spokeswoman and TV celebrity for Provo Craft.

Cricut Cake goodies.
***TIP These punch cups made great carriers, and fit perfectly inside cellophane
bags, tied with a ribbon... cool ideas! I love cupcake wrappers, but these are super for transporting individual cupcakes, especially for kids! TIP***

Not everything we did was at the swarm! Here you see us at Brida Veil Falls up in Provo Canyon. The area around Salt Lake is just beautiful. My friend, Janice, was a magnificent hostess and tour guide. She took us all around to different craft shops, great places to eat, sights to see, as well as opening her lovely home to us. We were also delighted to meet up with this friend, Sherri, who happened to be in Salt Lake for General Conference, and we hadn't seen one another in well over ten years! She and her hubby are the directors of the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii, and we just happened to be in Utah at the same time, and had the chance to catch up....we used to all live in Virginia, and were very close friends there. Such fun! (I hope to get to Hawaii while they are still there :o)

The Haul! We swapped 3x3 name cards, Halloween treat carriers and ribbons!
How do you like our shirts? Really creative and cool, huh? They were a big hit!

Maybe I'll do a tutorial on OUR NEW BLOG!!! YES, you heard right!!! THERE IS GOING TO BE A NEW BLOG IN TOWN VERY SOON!!! AND YOU ARE INVITED :o) More details will be coming ..... so keep watching!!!

I'll be back soon with more fun!

Happy crafting ~


Court said...

SO excited for you Miss Betty (and Kristi too!) You look like you had so much fun! I wish I could have been there and what a haul!!! Can't wait to see the new blog!

Hi from London town! :)


Rosemary said...

Wow!!!..great photos and super fun smiles!!..

Anonymous said...

Love it, Love it, Love it, Absolutely Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tracy Croy

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