Saturday, May 15, 2010

Heritage Album Article Vol. 2 published

Today isn't the first Sat. of May, but, due to being pre-empted by National Scrapbook Day, it is the day for Vol 2. of my Heritage Album Articles over at Cuttlebug Challenge. Today we talk about basic supplies, and how to preserve family Bible pages. I hope you will check it out.....
(Here are a couple of excerpts...)

In Volume 1 (here) we discussed the need to save the photos, documents and precious items that mean so much to us. Today we will start the process, look at choices in albums, etc., and look at some actual projects.

You may find that my approach will be a bit different than some others that you may have heard before, because they are concerned with "decorative" scrapping. My primary concern is helping you save the originals.
These are my early 1800's family Bible pages. Many families recorded vital records in these Bibles, and they were considered "official" records. They were handed down from generation to generation, and kept up as births, marriages and deaths occurred.

Of course, the ideal is to keep the books in good condition and enjoy them in their beauty and grandeur, however, in my case, the books were not well preserved, and were falling apart. It was critical that I preserved these pages, and the vital information that they hold. It is quite thrilling to see and touch the handwriting of my ancestors, especially as I learn their stories.

This was one of the saddest daughter and I were in an antique shop in Colorado, and there were these two beautiful Bibles on the floor..... when we opened them, the Hunter family was there, lost and alone. We just felt that someone is looking for this information, and doesn't know where to find it....and it's here, lying on the floor of an old antique sad. Don't let your precious documents, memories, and information slip away. Don't waste another minute ~ become your family's historian today.

I do hope you are participating in preserving your family history memories. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas...please leave comments here or at Cuttlebug Challenge. I will be happy to answer, or do what I can to help. Thanks!!!

Happy crafting ~


Anonymous said...

The Hunter family?
Oh my!
My dad's dad was named after his mothers father mother. (Grandmother)
I hope that is not some of us!
I don't really think so!
They pretty much stay here in Utah!
Thanks, LeAnn
I love the page!!!!

America said...

WOW! thats so incredibly sad for that family..... and, yet, quite inspiring at the same time for me. Ive been motivated to become that "historian person" for my family. NOTHING exists noting that we love, live and have lived other than memories. Nothing amongst us is documented and the important documents seem to just disappear over the years. WOW!!! This was a wake up call. Thank you for sharing this Betty. :)

fairfaxman said...

In regard to old Bibles, ask the shop or other owner if you can copy the pages; Photo copies are best. Then transcribe the information and send either or both to the National Genealogical Society. They will put the info into their Bible project for others to see. I have done this on several occasions. I always keep a copy for myself in case I run across a member of that family.