Saturday, March 13, 2010

Easter Egg Shaped Card

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This is another of the cards that I taught at the class this week, and it might seem familiar to some of you, as it has been on the blog a long time ago, but I thought it was worth revisiting. It is always fun to have shaped cards, and Easter Eggs really lend themselves to it!

For this design you have a couple of options. If you have a Cricut and Design Studio, or a Gypsy, the work is half done for you! Just insert Doodlecharms, and select the Easter Egg, flip one side, so you have a front and a back, and nudge them together and weld. Cut!

If you don't have the above, then you will take a piece of cardstock, score it, and fold along the side. Trace your egg shape, making sure there is some hinge left on the left edge. Cut!

On both cards, you will need to trim about 1/2 inch off of the bottom to make the card stand up.

Next, using the Paisley Cuttlebug folder, place the FRONT of the card into the folder, and run it through the Cuttlebug to emboss the front of the card. Using your choice of color ink pad, gently brush ink around the edges, and across the raised part of the designs.

Cut an 8 1/2 x 2" strip of contrasting paper, and use scalloping scissors to decorate the edges. Fold so that the ends meet at the back, and adhere to each other, but not to the card. This creates a removable belly band. Stamp Happy Easter on the center of the front of the belly band. Cut two slits in the front - one at each end of the Happy Easter sentiment - and thread ribbon in from the left, under the words, out the other side and around the card to tie a bow.

Use dimensional pearl paint to add tiny dots to the scallops to finish off the details.

I hope you enjoy making Easter Egg cards for your family and friends! They are really easy, and so much fun to decorate in lots of different colors and styles. You'll feel just like the Easter Bunny!

Happy Crafting ~


lisa808 said...

Shaped cards are so much fun.

chriswooten57 said...

cute card. thanks for sharing, i visit your blog each day. love it.


Beth said...

adorable Betty