Sunday, March 29, 2009


OK, now that I've gotten your attention, let me tell you that Provo Craft is listening to YOU!! If you’ve already visited the Cuttlebug Challenge Blog earlier this week, then you’ve seen the interview with Erik from Provo Craft’s Product Development team and what’s in store for the “bug”!

I’m soooooo excited there’s so much going on!!! Provo Craft needs our help and YOUR help! They’re looking for your input on new and upcoming products with regards to the Cuttlebug. Now how cool is that?! Well I suggest you RUN and not walk over to the Blog, take the 2 minute survey, AND see what else is in store!!! You WON’T be sorry!!! I’m sure you’d like an exclusive sneak peek of what’s coming this summer, wouldn't you??!!!?!?!?!
And would it be a party without presents?!!! What are you waiting for? Click on over to the Cuttlebug Challenge blog, take the survey, and be sure to leave a comment there, because that's how you WIN, WIN, WIN!!!

Buzz on over there!!

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