Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Family Tree

This is the Family Tree that I etched for Bob for our 35th Anniversary, which was today! I cut the tree out of vinyl, from Stretch Your Imagination, and the lettering from Plantin Schoolbook. I adhered the stencils to the glass, and used etching cream to etch the design onto the glass. The 35th Anniversary is celebrated with Emeralds....wouldn't you know it, not one person in our family has emerald as the birthstone!!! (*all birthdates, etc. have been blurred, just so some creepy person who might find this can't get data to use...just to be on the safe side.) It really is prettier in person, as taking a photo of a clear piece of glass is really hard to do...everything was reflecting into it! There's plenty of room for growth as new additions come along.

He surprised me with GORGEOUS emeralds! A pendant, surrounded with smaller diamonds, then matching earrings, and finally a ring, too!!! WaHooo!!!
I will post his card on Wed. morning, as it is also the Cuttlebug Challenge for this week. :-)


~JulieH~ said...

Oh Betty I love this! what a lovely way to celebrate your anniversary I bet your husbnd was so touched by the thought and love you put into this card. Ha But not as thrilled as you were to receive your beautiful emerals jewellry!!



Marianne said...

What a wonderful idea! I love the idea. What did you use to write on the glass?