Monday, August 11, 2008

Wow! Can you say Chubby Cheeks?!? This is me! A picture frame with my Dad's military photo in it fell yesterday, and scratched the glass. When I opened the back of the frame, I discovered these two pictures of me in there for safekeeping! I told my girls I would post them so they could see if their little ones look like their Nana. Well.......?

Here I am at age 4.

And this is my handsome Daddy, John Porter Swink. This was probably taken in 1946 or so. I'll have to ask Mom to be sure. No wonder she fell in love with him :-)


bnmwhitney said...

Cute pictures. I thought that you were going to post photos of us playing chubby bunny!! I dont know if I see much of you in the kids. I will have to study them! Nice photo of grandaddy too.


ladybug1059 said...

I agree with Tori, no strong resemblance, but we look like you and they look like us! I love that photo of grandaddy. He is so handsome! It looks just like him. ( is him!)I agree, no wonder Grama fell in love with him. Great name, too :) :) :)

ladybug1059 said...

I forgot to say how stinkin' CUTE you were!!!