Monday, August 11, 2008

Taking Photos of Cards

Okay, some of you have asked how I take pictures of my cards to post here! So, here is a picture of part of my scrap room. It looks kind of scary in this picture, but it's not - just really "user friendly"!! The first thing you need is a good light like the Ott light over my desk.

Next I set up four pieces of black 12x2 card stock. Easy, just put two on the desk, and two leaning up against the shelves. The light shines down from above.

Now I set the card in the center, and I set my camera on the close up setting. It doesn't use flash and wash out the colors this way. Easy! Hope it was helpful! By the way, my cricut, etc. is on the desk to my right. My scrap area is U-shaped, and works really well for me :-)

Now, here's the card I was working on! On the inside it says "So, how many lives do you have left? Wishing you the very best birthday ever!" Tori and I were laughing because this cat reminds us of Azrielle, the cat on the Smurfs! It is on the Paper Dolls Cartridge. Love it!

I've made a promise to myself to use more of my cricut cuts for my cards, so keep watching to see what comes next! Thanks for checking in!

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