Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Porter's Blessing Day

One proud Daddy! Craig and Porter after the blessing was given.
In our church it is tradition that a new baby is taken before the congregation, and given a blessing, and their name is officially recorded in the records of the church.

Here are the men who stood in for the blessing. Jonathan Steflik, Grandfather Robert Brett, Uncle Douglas Brett, Daddy Craig, Jeffrey Shaw, and Cameron Poore.

Porter wore heirloom clothing. The outfit was worn by all of the boys born in our family since we joined the church. First was Doug in 1979, then Bryan in 1998, Tyler in 2001, Dylan in 2002, and now Porter in 2008. The shoes are leather baby booties that belonged to my Dad, John Porter Swink, and they were his in 1927, so they are 81 years old. They are still kept in the original box. All of the boys have worn them for their blessings, too. It is such a joy to have this special tradition in our family. I made the new blanket for Porter's blessing.

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