Friday, August 1, 2008

I am attempting to post my logo, and get it on my cards and paperwork, etc. It looks pretty good when it's little, but when I see it big like this, I dunno! I am planning to order a rubber stamp
and put it on things, etc. It is kind of fun. It reminds me of a teacher I had in high school who gave us the assignment of designing a logo for a business of our own with our own initials. She was a replacement for a favorite teacher who got sick, and she did NOT make a favorable impression with us, so we thought it was a dumb only "F" in art...EVER! Funny thing is that I've thought of that assignment so many times over the last *@$@# years (you didn't think I was REALLY going to tell you, did you???) and I never could come up with a good logo for BJS or BJB!!!

Anyway, here is my BettyBee, and we are off to Jacksonville to spend the weekend with Porter and his parents! It is a very special time when we give our babies a special blessing and record their names on the records of the church. It will be so nice to have all of the family that can come all together (though we will miss Tori and her family TERRIBLY, and also Brianne, who is still at a family reunion out west).


tomiannie said...

Hey, Betty! I don't think I realized you were LDS until now -- I am too! That is wonderful. In fact, you inspired me to put a similar button on my blog, too.

Betty Brett said...

I knew you were right from the start, and it was especially evident to me when your sister passed away. I love how it shows sometimes:-) I decided to make it right up front on my blog. I'm glad you found the button. Did you get yours from LeeLou, too? She has a lot to choose from.