Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Birthday Swap to Ann-Marie

This swap to exchange Birthday challenges with another Cricuteer was one of the most fun things I have ever done! Over 40 of us signed up, and we were paired up with one another across the country. I was paired with Ann-Marie Trammell from Ft. Worth, TX, and we began to know one another. How much fun was this!!! We found we had so much in common - both of share education as a career: her husband is a firefighter - my son is; her son just traveled to Africa - my daugher did; and lots of other interests in common. We forged a very special friendship.

Above are the cards I made for our first challenge - a collection of Birthday cards.

Three gift bags - the Hoppy Birthday frog one, that has been on here as a teaser for a couple of days, is also hers :-)
These next two pictures are some of the extra goodies that I found that just seemed right to send to her! Pencils with birthday, baseball cupcake holders, because Michael, her son LOVES baseball, and we talked a lot about the Rays winning season this year... embellishments, chipboard, paper, numbers, stickles, a pH pen, etc. My personal favorite was the crazy birthday hat with the birthday candle that stands straight up on top!

This is the centerpiece that I did for her. I found this great satin table runner first, then made the rest to match. I loved making the dimensional balloons with the cricut, and then I made all of the numbers 1-0 which she can use all of, or just the appropriate ones for the occasion. Cool!
This is my version of a paper bag album-my first!

Thank you cards.
One of the altered items for her. A chalkboard to hang in her scrap room. I remembered that she and I both love shoes ;-)

This is her Stickle Stacker, but the colors are off in this picture - it is really green and pink... She had Stickles to fill it up with, too! FUN!!!

This can full of fun goodies is for Michael, but apparently he wasn't home because her photo didn't show it opened yet. This is one of my favorite crafts for kids. Remove the bottom from a pop-top fruit can with one of those special can openers. After washing the can, fill it with goodies for a child (of any age;-) and use super glue to put the bottom back on. Decorate the can. Then when they receive it, they don't understand what it is, or how you got something into it. They open the regular pop-top to get the goodies out of it. Fun for all. Enjoy, Michael!
I will have to sit out the Summer Challenge Swap, but for sure will be doing the one for the fall and the one for Christmas. This was a great experience. Thanks to Dina and Debbie for hosting!

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ladybug1059 said...

I loooove the pink bag you made! It all looks so great! I'm so glad I got to see most of it in person. Super adorable. You are so talented, Mom!

I love you! xoxo