Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Simple Silhouette Images

This month's Friday Try-Day cards featured several varied techniques, as usual, and I'll start with this trendy look of using a detailed stamp, and blocking it out to make it a silhouette.
We started by punching a sticky note "sun" and deciding where we wanted our horizon to be.  
Sketch in a very light line with a permanent pen.
Using a stencil brush and yellow ink, brush back and forth to add the yellow layer all the way across the card.  Place the sun mask along the horizon in desired position.
Now begin brushing in layers of orange, pink, and purple for the sky.
Add blues and greens for for the water.
Stamp the bird, tree and grasses.  
Color in all open areas with a marker, creating the silhouettes, extending any areas to edges as necessary..
Use a fine line pen to add water movement lines. 
Add your sentiment of choice to the water area.  

This technique works best as a card front layer, as the marker will bleed through the cardstock. 
Mat and add to folded card for finished card ready for presentation. 

This works very well with all sorts of stamped images, including ones that didn't give a good impression the first time, and can be saved this way!  

I hope you enjoyed one of our Friday Try-Day projects, and will give it a TRY yourself!

See you again soon with more ..........
Happy crafting ~


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