Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mustaches and Vellum

It's Valentine Week, and I hope you are enjoying time with loved ones in your life.
This is a CAS card that I did for my 4 year old grandson, along with about 50 mustaches
for his friends!
The mustaches have a hole in the center for sliding up over a lollipop and Mommy can use my 
word program for making tags for all of his Valentines.  
He is one very excited little fellow!  His little sister looks adorable in her 'stache, too!

I was at StampFest this past weekend, and it seems that Vellum is making a big comeback... 
as if it ever really went anywhere!  But there were lots of vendors using vellum in their projects.
Join me Tuesday evening at 8:00 for my UStream class, and 
we'll take a look at several card projects, including this beauty above.  
Just click on the blue icon in the upper right corner and it will take you there.
Looking forward to streaming with you!

Note about ATG Tape!
I have a new shipment arriving any day now. 
Get your orders in right away.  
There is going to be a new price soon, and you 
want to stock up before it changes!!!
Get 'em while you can, and I haven't changed my postage prices, yet,
but I will very soon, so if you get there before I do, lucky you!

Happy crafting ~


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