Tuesday, May 15, 2012

EXploring PearlEX

For quite some time I have had a dozen bottles of Pearl EX in my stash,
so this week has been the time for EXploration! 
What an EXciting product!  These are pure powdered pigments, easily used in stamping,
faux finishing, clay work, stenciling, embossing, and lots of other media. 
The beautiful butterfly broach above is an altered soda can!
This Asian EXample began as plain purple paper. Sorry the lighting doesn't show the shimmer.
Drop by the class on Tuesday evening, and see it in person!
I do hope you will join me in EXploring Pearl EX, as well as other fun
tips in techniques in my BettyBee Designs UStream Classes.
Thanks for stopping by!

Happy crafting ~

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