Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 4 of our 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop

Welcome to today's edition of our Christmas Craft Blog Hop!
It is my pleasure to bring you my very own recipe for
Mrs. Claus' Cookies, a package, and a tutorial on making your own embossing plates!

This pillow box is cut from the Easter Cartridge on my Cricut, using my Gypsy to remove the cut out image, but there are several cartridges that have Pillow Box cuts.  This one is 7 x 9 inches, and has a custom cut embossed image on the top.  Aren't they pretty?!

To make the Embossing Plate, cut two layers of thin chipboard with your Cricut.  This pattern is from the Martha Stewart Cake Cartridge, cut at "Fit To Length" 8 inches.  Glue the chipboard to a piece of acrylic packaging, and carefully glue the second piece of chipboard directly on top of the first. 
Your "sandwich" for embossing with a Cuttlebug will be an A Plate; B Plate; pillow box, or other paper, with the embossing plate under the paper, or inside the box; soft rubber mat; and B Plate. The soft rubber mat causes the paper to press against the chipboard, without having an embossing folder.  You can use the black mat that comes with Sizzix, red plumbers rubber, or fun foam.

Mrs. Claus' Cookies 
These cookies are delicious, and make a lot of yummy goodness! 
Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Mix together the following dry ingredients:
1 Cup White Sugar
1 Cup Brown Sugar
2 Cups Flour
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. baking soda
Add in:
1 Cup Crisco
2 Eggs
Stir in:
2 Cups Old Fashioned Oats
3/4 Cup White Raisins
1/2 Cup Milk Chocolate Chips
1/2 Cup White Chocolate Chips
1/2 Cup Chopped Walnuts
1/4 Cup Coconut

The mixture will be dry.  However, when you roll it into a ball, it will "melt" the Crisco, and hold together nicely.  Roll into balls the size of walnuts.  Place on ungreased cookie sheets.
Bake for 12 - 13 minutes.




Rosemary said...

cookies sound yummy!!!..Thanks for the reminder on the embossing!! so pretty!

Megan Parsons said...

That is really pretty! Great job!

Debi said...

so pretty! and the cookies look yummy!! now i want to bake.. lol