Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Is It Trick or Treat Yet?

I have missed you all!  I have been traveling for a long time, and when I got home, we found something REALLY SCARY!  Our house was covered in  HAIRY MILDEW!!  It was on our clothes, furniture, cabinets, and all sorts of stuff.... the good news is it wasn't on my craft paper... WHEW!!  Anyway, that accounts for my absence since we have been home... getting things back in safe, clean order around here.  Well, all of that creepy stuff has definitely put me in the mood for Halloween, so for Digital Delights video this week, I have called on Dracula Ridley and friends to come and play!  I have a video for you today, on how I put in the bay window, (or a flat window if that is what you have).  It's easy and very versatile... enjoy! 

I'll see you again very soon!  I'm working on some projects for my U-Stream channel coming up next week!  Until then ...
Happy creating ~



Brenda said...

ohhh nooo sorry to read about your mildew...what caused it?
loveee your card!

Stephanie said...

Aww- super cute!