Monday, September 20, 2010

Christmas with Imaginisce Showcase

Hi! This is going to be one of the longest posts I've done in a while, but I hope you find it to be a fun one :) I had the opportunity to join my friend, Kristi, in showcasing the Imaginisce Cottage Christmas Collection, and we decided to come up with as many unusual projects as we could!

Above is our little birdhouse village! I wish you could really see and enjoy all of the little details on each house. I even named all of them! Can you tell which one is the Love Shack? LOL If you pop over to Cuttlebug Challenge, you will get to see each one of them up close, and see all of the details of the papers, trims, glitter, gems, and stamps! The "ice" around the bottom is like gel, and it is a dry crystal that swells up in water. Very cool stuff!

I just loved this project! My daughter saw the wreath idea on Our Daily Chocolate Blog, and I knew I had to give it a try! I must say that my version must be a lot bigger than hers, because it's about 5 times as full! Check out her blog for the basic info, but my wreath is a 16 inch styrofoam form, then 500 coffee filters!! Yep, that's right, FIVE HUNDRED coffee filters, folded four times, then a bit of glue added, and then straight pinned to the wreath. (Note, she used a stapler, but the staples kept falling out of my wreath). It is just GORGEOUS!!! It is so luscious and full, and looks like white carnations. It is magnificent spritzed with a light mist of golden Glimmer Mist, too!!

One sheet of the Cottage Christmas Paper is counting one through twenty five, so this is an Advent Wreath, with Peppermint Mints each day! The pieces are pinned on with corsage pins, so my wreath can be used all year round! Much too fabulous to put away after Christmas!!

Now, we all know that BIG things often come in small packages, so we took a tiny tin, and used a scrap from one of the other projects to make this delightful box. The sleigh is a rub-on from the coordinated set, and the pearls in the corner are added with the I-Rock Hot Fix tool.

We both had one of those wooden shaped kits, and when we saw this gorgeous paper, we knew that this was a perfect project for it! Don't you agree? With a coat of red paint to match, it makes a great gift presentation!! It is so easy with matching ribbons, rub-ons, stamps, and even sparkling snowflakes.

This tower of light is actually three boxes with an electric candle through the top. It came that way, and all we did was re-decorate the theme. The candle was damaged, and some glue and Martha Stewart Glitter to the rescue, along with these great papers, and we have a winner of a project!

This shows a great bow idea... and using this great double sided paper made it very easy. All you do is cut three inch strips, roll them in half, and adhere the ends flat. Begin layering your bow all around the outside layer first, adhering them to the box top, and then build up the inside layer.

Please be sure to check out the rest of the projects over at Cuttlebug Challenge! (Yep, there are more!!) Kristi did the Christmas Card belt, and also the White Board, plus we've got a lot more pictures!

I want to thank Imaginisce for the opportunity to showcase this great set, and I hope they are happy with the projects that we've created! I know we are...I hope you are too!! If you have questions or comments, I hope you'll leave them :)

I'll be back soon with more goodies! In the meantime ...

Happy crafting ~


Ashley Ann said...

Beautiful! To glad my tutorial helped you, thanks for sharing and giving credit!

Now I am going to have to borrow your idea for the advent calendar on it! Love it!!

Anonymous said...


Please tell me where you got the supplies for those darling bird houses. I have to have them ! Bonnie Wallace

Anonymous said...

can you please tell me, when you did the wreath with the coffee filters, did you start from the outside or the inside of the wreath? barb r.-ny

Beth Norman said...

Found you by way of the CB Challenge site. Your wreath is gorgeous. 500 filters, wow. I'm definately going to make one just like yours. I'm hopping over for the tutorial now.


lisa808 said...

Adorable bird houses. Unbelieveable wreath! Fun stack of boxes with the candle. Thanks for a very merry posting!