Monday, August 16, 2010

Chocolate and a Special Request

First, the special request card! A friend has asked for a card with a pick up truck on it, and I love red, black and white together....along with the great embossing of the Cuttlebug cross hatch folder that looks like the tool boxes in so many pick up trucks.

Sorry I can't identify the papers, but I can tell you that the shiny silver stuff is flashing tape that you can pick up at your local hardward store, on a big roll, and it adheres to cardstock very easily. Then you can cut it, emboss it, ink it, or "just about anything else" it!!!
Silver leafing, satin ribbon, and self-stick gems complete the design. The inside has a computer generated message from the sender to the recepient. This is one of the nicest features of special request cards :)
Now the chocolate! I am preparing for another great Cricuteers in Paradise Swarm, and our theme this time is "Swimming in Chocolate", so no trip to Pennsylvania would be complete without a stop at Hershey's Chocolate World!!Here are some anxious tourists waiting to get inside to try out the ride through the exhibit on how the chocolate is made (mostly to get the free treat at the other end, because they live nearby and have done this before!!)
And these tourists were mightily tempted with these GIANT Hershey bars, but, alas, the August heat, and over 1,000 miles to travel in a hot car, made us think better of it. However..... we did have a cooler with us for other tempting goodies for our fellow swarmers!!! Never fear!

Until next time .....
Happy crafting ~


Court said...

BettyBee! This is such a great card! Wonderfully done! I wonder how long it took those tourists to eat one of those chocolate bars! Ziplock doesn't make a bag that big!

Myrna said...

Betty Bee
Great card.
Mmmm chocolate- that would be a great place to visit. (poor waist line).