Saturday, June 5, 2010

Heritage Article, Volume 3

This is the first Saturday of the month, and it is my privilege to write another article encouraging Heritage Scrapbooking over at Cuttlebug Challenge. This article is about how to interview your relatives, and gather information valuable and cherished family stories.

In preparing for this article, I have been enjoying a taped interview that I made with my Dad 8 years ago this week. It was Memorial Day of 2002, and I didn’t know that it would be our last. He passed away just 10 weeks later. I haven’t re-listened to it in all these years, and my first impression was how much he sounds like my brother. I’ve forgotten many of the stories he shared with me that day. How grateful I am that I have this tape!! (I wanted to play a little of it for you, but my computer skills haven’t extended to where I can figure out how to put a cassette tape onto the computer yet….if I get that far, I will share something in the future. ) We talked that day about his time in the Army, and how he drove his buddies back and forth from Ft. Lee to Union Station every weekend in his 1937 Chevy, so they could catch the trains north to see their families. They also bought booze, and brought it back to the base, amounts just under the legal limit, and made money selling it to the soldiers who hadn't gone out! He learned to fly while he was in the Army, and was very disappointed that there was a problem with his eyes, and he couldn't get the waiver that he needed to fly for Standard Oil to Saudi Arabia... so many great stories.

The most important point here ....DON’T DELAY ….ARRANGE IT TODAY!!

I hope you are working on your Family History, and preserving your precious memories for yourself and your ancestors. They are the treasures beyond measures.

Happy crafting ~


Ethan said...

Oh, Betty!

How touching!!! :) What a great idea to have the interview on tape! I find myself forgetting some of the family stories I've been told and how special to hear them in their voice.

Thanks for sharing (& the reminder to seize the day),


Jennifer said...

Oops! I forgot that I was on my husband's laptop! Please do not post my previous comment as "Ethan".

Thanks so much,


BettyBee said...

I posted both, Jennifer, so we can see your pretty face! Thank you for your kind comments!

Judy said...

Hi Betty! I know this tape is a treasure to you. I love this idea. Thank you so much for visiting my blog.