Monday, November 23, 2009

Cricuteers in Paradise

The Cricuteers in Paradise certainly did show Christmas with a Heart this past weekend. The 32 ladies that were there were talented, fun, funny, generous, helpful, and outright amazing. They created and provided over 450 cards for the unit of one Cricuteer's Soldier Son whose unit is in Iraq, and over $225 to purchase shoes for Head Start children for Christmas. Newbies were helped to get started in this fantastic hobby, and lifetime friendships are forged. Every swarm gets better and better, and my heart just swells right along with them. I love my Cricut Sisters!

We have our own Facebook Page now, too! Check out Flossie's Followers! Flossie the Flamingo (our mascot) was there in her Christmas hat, and brought Floyd, her tap dancing son! If you are ever in SW Florida during swarm time, check us out!

Happy Crafting ~

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Meda said...

Wow! That was surely a great place to be!