Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm Home!

It was a WONDERFUL trip! Three weeks of family, friends and FUN....the only thing missing was email and computer access, therefore, YOU!

Ummmmm, you WEREN'T in there, were you?????!!!!!

Thank goodness for Tori, who could pack ANYTHING!!! We put three people, enough food for a small army, all of our craft supplies, books to start a fledgling library, and bargains, bargains, bargains into my little car!!! You couldn't have put a grain of sand in there after she was finished with her magic! Yeah, Tori! (And we were SO blessed NOT to have a flat tire!!)

This was Leilani's "throne" on the way home...

She only had to sit there for 1,200 miles! She had everything organized right at her finger tips. It was great!

I will tell you more as time goes by...

Here was the first important part of the trip.....Mr. and Mrs. Bret Jutras!!! You've seen their cards, now you see the bride and my very proud nephew.

Enough of the travelogue for today....I'll share more later.
I hear Studio Bee buzzing for me.....
Happy Crafting!


Rosemary said...

Welcome home!!!..Oh Betty, I so missed you and don't think for a moment I didn't wish I was in that car too..Can't wait to see you and for now, hear more about your trip!!!

lisa808 said...

Welcome back! That sure is a well packed (and well loaded) car. Lovely picture of the bridal party.