Monday, April 13, 2009

Lions and Tigers and BEARS, Oh, MY!!

Well, at least the Bears part!!! I just got back from a week at Girls' Camp, and we did have some adventures! Imagine being in charge of over 100 girls and women, and having wild bears come raid your camp!!! They were so bold - they came right up on the porches of the cabins the girls were in. They jumped on the coolers, opened them, and ate whatever they could find. One even used his claw to pop the top off a jar of peanut butter and proceded to sit right there and enjoy the whole thing. There were 4 large bears and they stayed around for hours the first night. The next night I suspect the girls left some s'mores around to be sure that they had another visit from Big Bad Teddy and his friends. Unfortunately, the girls weren't a bit afraid of these 200 pound marauders. They were coming out of their cabins, and watching while the bears were knocking over trash cans, rummaging around the fire ring, and coming up near the cabins. I took a couple of photos of a big fellow just across the fire ring from me, but it was pretty dark and doesn't show up on email. I'll try to post it, to see if you can see him. The girls acted like they were at Disney, because they weren't afraid of these dangerous wild animals. We had a tough time getting them to stay inside, and away from the bears. These bears are in danger, too, because they weren't afraid of humans. We even banged pot lids, etc. and they didn't run away.

Click on the picture to enlarge it, and look to the right of the third tree from the left to see if you can make out that bad boy! Notice the other person back there with the flashlight...why???
We also saw lots of other wildlife, like deer, snakes, really strange fox squirrels, armadillos, skinks and a whole host of other little critters. The camp was just beautiful. We had a great time, and accomplished many wonderful things, including 20 quilts for a domestic abuse shelter. Our "Bee" theme was carried out in lots of ways, and we really had fun. The girls were so sweet, and learned a lot of camping skills and spiritual lessons. Many thanks to the wonderful sisters that helped to make it all happen. Love you all.


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bnmwhitney said...

Cool! I think that I saw the bear. It sounds like you had fun. I am glad that you are home safely and I am sure that daddy is glad too.