Friday, January 23, 2009

Thank you to Ikki for the Blog Award!!!

This Lemonade Blog Award was such a lovely surprise from a wonderfully talented artist from the UK named Ikki, and I encourage you to check out her blog! I've seen this award before, and didn't know what it was about, and I am really touched because it is to recognize someone who shows a great attitude or gratitude. Awww. Thank you again, Ikki. Now it is my pleasure to pass this along to 5 other cyber-friends who have touched my life. It's a great way to show someone that you appreciate them; what their support means to you; and how you appreciate and love reading their comments. There are so many who qualify for this that it's hard to choose, but these five are definitely top notch!! Click on their names, and visit their sites! Hugs to all!!!






Now these ladies will pass this on to five who have touched their lives. Isn't this a great way to share a special lemonade day?!! Thanks again to Ikki! Hugs, BettyBee


Cassie said...

What a sweet thing to say!! Thank you Betty! You've put a smile on my face that will last me all day long!!

Rosemary said...

Betty, you so deserved that award!!..I am so glad we met; you are a treasure!!

LORI said...

WOW! WEE!! Betty!! Thanks so so much!! You are just as sweet as can be, I love to read your comments. You are the greatest and truly deserved this award from the one who passed it to you!!!

Have a blessed day!!

LORI said...

Woo! Wee! Betty, Thanks so so much!! You are so sweet. I look forward to your wonderful comments on my blog! And now this...You are the greatest and truly deserved to have this award passed to you!! Amazing you!!

Thanks and Blessings!! :)

Pascale said...

Oh wow Betty I am very touched to receive this from such a talented lady. I have followed your work on the cuttlebug challenge and I love your unique work with the bug and your great tips! Thank you so much. Hugs Pascale :)

LORI said...

Take a peek here Betty:

Rleen said...

Betty, thank you so much for the blog award. I really appreciate it.That is so sweet of you thinking of me.

Thank you so much with all your wonderful comments in my blog.

Have a great day!