Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cards for the Troops

I have a special request! My sister, Joni, works with the Charlotte Correctional Department in Florida (I know I've bashed their official name - sorry), and they have 93 Correctional Department employees currently serving in Iraq and Afghanastan. She is collecting things to put in care packages for them for the holidays. I have recently learned through our Cricut message board that they can't get greeting cards! I am making cards to put in these care packages, and I need your help!! They need cards to send BACK to their families for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. They can be hand made, or store purchased. Don't sign them. (Of, course, it would be appropriate for you to include a card of appreciation for their service, and for Christmas, that you do sign, too!) These need to be in Joni's hands by the 22nd of October!! You get them to me, and I'll get them to her! I know this is short notice, but I'll bet we can do it! I will be planning a card making session at my house and YOU ARE INVITED!!!! Keep watching for the specific information...coming SOON! Thanks, and God bless you, and our Troops.

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bnmwhitney said...

I wanna come and make cards!!! Why do you live so far away?!? You are so talented mom!