Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Blog Address!!!

I am proud to announce the "birth" of my new blog! I am working on a blog just for my card business called Betty Bee Designs. The address is http://BettyBeeDesigns.blogspot.com There will be a subscription feature there, too, so that you can keep up with all of my new designs as they are introduced. Thanks so much for your encouragement, comments, ideas, cheerleading, and enthusiasm. I am excited to keep going forward with this fledgling venture!!

Please keep coming back here for personal notes, pictures of the family, family history information, and more general "stuff". I just feel that I should be a little more "business like" with the cards, so that clients have a place to look at them and not have to scroll through so many personal pieces. The two blogs will be linked together in the favorites list.

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