Friday, August 22, 2008

Thanks to Dawn Griffith for the idea on how to cut this little lamby pie from a flower! Cute, huh!!! I sent this little one to somebody special. Can't tell you who yet, because it's still in the mail :-) I should have spelled "you" "Ewe".... I've got several more on the desk, and I will change the spelling on those. I love using the D'vine Swirls with the cuttlebug for the curly wool.

This was a great celebration card! Our friend in the sewing club, Mary Ann, found out that her tests came back negative for cancer, and we all went out to celebrate! HURRAY!!! I've got my mammo scheduled for Sept. --- Let's all Save Our TaTas!!!

Here's a fun poster of some samples I did to promote card making at our clubhouse! I hope it gets a lot of attention. I will be teaching classes there in the fall, plus I sell cards to some of my neighbors, and hope to get some more exposure. It was fun to do.

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