Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Card Swap with Madelyn

This is the card she designed to go with her challenge of Red, Black and a red flower. Good Job! She used the cuttlebug, and the cricut. She liked using the stamp pads to put on the background color, too.

Madelyn used the CTMH family stamp, and colored it to look like herself. She drew in the waterfall and pond in her front yard - with a frog that has taken up residence there. She used lots of glitter, and informed me that she also put it all over her face :-)

My card swap with Madelyn this week had to have a rubber stamp. So I used one of my favorite CTMH stamps, and a great glue pen that I was given in my goodie bag at the swarm! It is Quickie Pen, which is like a ball point pen, only it has glue instead of ink. It made making fine lines for glittering SO EASY! The polka dots for the background were done with new pencil erasers! Next week we are to use pink and black and a ribbon. It is so much fun to swap with an 8 year old!

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